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Invertebrate Hunt at Forest School

It was a beautiful October day, we remembered the 3 Forest School Rules-Keep hands away from mouths
                                                                                                           Don't cross the boundary
                                                                                                           Respect nature.
We played safety games-123 Where are you?, Fire safety game and we learned what 3 whistles mean.
Then we had an invertebrate hunt. An invertebrate is an animal with no backbone/spine. We learned how to pick up creatures gently (with soft paint brushes), and to put them back where we found them. We only kept them under observation for a short time. we respected nature. We found beetles, worms, flies, spiders, a tiny slug or leech and some jumping creatures that were so fast we had no time to check them out. Some of us made a log pile so there will be more homes for invertebrates- a minibeast hotel.
We even found a little hole that could be a Minpin's house.
We couldn't help but notice a wide variety of fungus, such as toadstools some very tiny, and puff balls.
Have a look at our pictures to see what we did.
Mmmm and we had drinks and biscuits.
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