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Hunt for signs of Minpins!

Another exciting day at Forest School.
The weather was glorious-let's hope it lasts.
Last week it was Roald Dahl's 100th birthday. We were told about "The Minpins", a story by Roald Dahl in which Billy goes into the woods and discovers tiny people living there. They are so small they can ride on robins' backs as if flying in a plane (only more exciting). We thought about this and went looking for signs of their homes. We found mysterious holes in the ground. We made beds for them out of leaves and acorns for pillows. We found tiny worms and wondered if they were Minpin pets. We collected wood to build them shelters (but we ran out of time). We collected acorn "cups" so the minpins could have mugs and bowls. Along the way we found pine cones, toadstools, such as puffballs, conkers and oak leaves.
Some of us had a go at supervised tree climbing. And we watched the rangers put in a bench, and then we sat on it! Have a look at our pictures.
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