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Forest School

Forest School is a child-centred programme which involves a series of play and learn sessions in our local woodland at Yarrow Valley Park (also known as Birkacre). It aims not only to increase children’s knowledge of the importance of forests and woodlands but has also been proven to develop confidence, social skills, emotional resilience, and language skills.

Depending on the activities undertaken, other areas of the curriculum can be enhanced.

Pupils may take part in activities such as transient art, den building, tying knots, survival outdoors, using tools safely, taking care of a fire safely, cooking and eating outdoors and exploring nature. Miss Codd is an experienced qualified Forest School Practitioner who has studied and practised this method of learning.

In Forest Schools, safety of the children is paramount. All activities are risk assessed and careful procedures to ensure health and safety are put in place and known to all staff helping out.

Each child from Y1 to Y6 should have a block of six sessions at Forest School approximately every eighteen months.